Order’s Mobile Medical Unit fully operative in Jordan

Order’s Mobile Medical Unit fully operative in Jordan

The Order of Malta in Jordan since December 2021 operates a Mobile Medical Unit that targets the central and northern regions of Jordan: Salt, Al-Bowayda, Al-Ramtha, Irbid, Anjara providing primary medical services to 10/12.000 to Jordanian and refugees patients per Year with no ethnic social or religious distinction.
The unit is on the road to visit remote villages 3 days per week to be ed by June 2022 to 5 exits per week.

The Mobile Unit is fully equipped with diagnostic tools (Cardio monitor, ECG, basic lab test Glycemia, Hemocrome, Hb, vital monitoring, PA, O2..), and is able to reach the most remote areas that are in need of qualified medical assistance even if deprived of electricity facilities that is supplied through a generator part of the equipment of the unit.
On board two medical doctors a nurse and logistician as well as a well-supplied pharmacy.
Nutritional counselling for mothers is offered as well as distribution of Hygiene and didactic kits.

All services are free of charge and patients that are diagnosed in need of further treatment or hospitalization are transferred to the Hospitals in Amman also free of charge.
This Program is mainly focused on pediatrics but also mother, & child. The Programme has been shaped through a Cooperation Agreement (MoU) signed in September with Caritas Jordan ACISMOM and the Embassy of the Order of Malta to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The Unit is also serving the Health Care Support Program for children with Neurological disabilities and behavioral disorders visiting Centres in Mafraq, Aqaba, Zarqa and Anjara reinforced by Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Rehabilitation experts and Physiatrists from Italy.
We wish to thank our international supporters (Global Fund for Forgotten people, Lile Foundation, CISOM and ACISMOM) and our local partners (Caritas Jordan, Our Lady of Peace Rehabilitation Centre)