Statement by Ambassador to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Trafficking in Persons Jordan

The First Trafficking in Persons Awareness Raising Workshop for the Governors of Jordan; Identifying Potential Victims of Trafficking Among Refugees in Jordan

Dead Sea, Jordan, 24-26 February 2022

Distinguished Governors and Delegates,

It is for me a great pleasure and honor to deliver these opening remarks at this very First Trafficking in Persons Awareness Raising Workshop here in Jordan.
I may speak to you on behalf of our Permanent Mission of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the United Nations at Vienna, which has jointly funded this workshop with other partners, and which is closely cooperating with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, in addressing the increased protection and assistance needs of refugees and displaced persons, who are particularly vulnerable to trafficking in Jordan and Lebanon.

It is necessary to create and strengthen national capacities to counter human trafficking by providing technical advice and capacity building assistance. It is of utmost importance to implement projects in the health sector focusing on the most fragile, and in this way preventing human trafficking.
As you all may know, the Sovereign Order of Malta is very much committed to fight human trafficking and is aware of the tight link existing between human trafficking and migration.

For this very reason, in 2017, the Order’s Government proceeded with the appointment of two special representatives: an Ambassador to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons as well as an Ambassador at Large for Africa with a specific focus on migration and human trafficking.
In the framework of its commitment to the promotion of human rights and to curbing and combating the phenomenon of human trafficking, the Order of Malta has further reiterated its engagement in its efforts at the G20 Interfaith Forum which gathered in Bologna in September last, as well as more recently at the Munich Security Conference which took place last week and saw the participation of H.E. the Grand Chancellor in the debate on migration and international security.

In his opening speech, Albrecht Boeselager addressed the issue of security from a multidisciplinary perspective by stating that “National security is impossible to ensure without human security. Human security requires that the rights of all individuals present in a given territory, regardless of their legal status, are safeguarded. Human security involves a people-centred, comprehensive and prevention-oriented policy that strengthens the protection of all people”.

The Order has provided its experience and engagement, especially in assisting displaced and refugee populations. We support social humanitarian actions, conducted by our national associations, and in particular by our worldwide relief agency “Malteser International”.

According to the UNODC, Jordan currently hosts over 750,000 refugees. From the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011, more than 100,000 people, mostly displaced Syrians and Iraqi refugees as well as vulnerable host communities within Jordan and Lebanon.

In regards to Jordan, the Order of Malta as from this year operates a Mobile Medical Unit that targets the central and northern regions of Jordan: Salt, Bowaida, Irbid, Anjara in cooperation with Caritas Jordan thus providing primary medical services to 10/12.000 Jordanian patients per year.

Likewise supported by the Italian Association of the Order of Malta, we as Order of Malta Jordan are running a Program regarding Health Care Support and Rehabilitation for Children with Neurological Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders in cooperation with Our Lady of Peace Rehabilitation Centre in Amman reinforced by Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Rehabilitation experts and Physiatrists from Italy.

Whereas, a third Programme with the collaboration of The Knights of the Holy Sepulchre is focalized in Supporting Iraqi refugees with empowerment and livehood skills.

I will avoid going through the details of each Program of The Order of Malta Jordan but I am at your disposal if you would like to obtain any additional information.
In conclusion, let us all join forces through making better use of international tools and instruments, national mechanisms and procedures, enhance the knowledge of all participants in order to strengthen the institutional capacities, to address the trafficking faced by refugees in Jordan and its neighboring countries. In the spirit of the founding principles of our Sovereign Order of Malta, let me reassure all of you, the ongoing support to continuously strengthen and improve the lives of the vulnerable, those in need and affected by crisis.

Thank you for your attention