Ambassador visit to Ja’ar the Roman Catholic Church of St Mary Mother Marka with Abuna Khalil

Father Khalil Ja'ar

The Iraq and Syria crises has and is still adding strain on the country’s economy and infrastructure and has put pressure on all sectors including education, health, housing, water, municipal services and electricity supply.

Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan are suffering extremely, since 2014 they are living a very sad economic situation, they are excluded from many international NGO. They are not allowed to work in Jordan; the youth cannot be registered in the Universities and colleges in Jordan because they do not have residence in Jordan.
As a response to the emergency humanitarian the most urgent needs of refugees and Jordanians to provide education and protection services to youths centre in Marka start supporting youth (Males and Females) in benefitting from alternative education services such as informal education.

Vulnerable out-of-school youth , out of certificate , out of jobs or any youth who needs to raise their capacity in order to be more involved in the community and job market to gain access to and benefit from safe and age-appropriate life skills development activities, career counselling.
It certifies practical skills in the most commonly used computer applications.
As a core principle to its work, promoting sustainability through technical and operational capacity building of the youths on informal education, life skills, English, ICDL and career counselling. In order to leverage youth demand in the labour market, English language skills is mandatory and a must have qualification for most of employers.

Activities address the exclusion of the poor and marginalised Jordanians, Syrian and Iraqi refugees, ensuring protection for all, especially for youth. Support for gender equality, and the inclusion of marginalised groups and groups subject to discrimination is a key aspect of this project.

The overall objective of the project is to support vulnerable Iraqi and Syrian refugees and Jordanian youth (both male and female) in Amman, through providing an alternative education service that enhances their professional skills and builds their capacity for better future opportunities.