New Mobile Clinic to be delivered to the Order of Malta Jordan

Mobile Clinic Order Jordan

Zarqa  At the Manufacturing company in Zarqa finalizing the delivering of the first Mobile Clinic run by the Order in Jordan.
The unit will serve communities in the rural areas that do not have easy acces to medica care.
The Programs will be regarding decection and full diagnosi of diabetes with particul regards to the initial stages of the disease in order to allow efficient prevention mesures.
Doctors and nurses will on board the Mobile Clinc and offer free services to the most needing population.
The goal of this proposal is to expand the program as quickly as possible, bringing the vaccine directly to vulnerable communities with a mobile clinic, and to provide data and registration of all persons vaccinated.
The key point is to assist public health in the delivery of vaccines against covid and allow the MoeE to have traceability of patients thanks to careful and thorough work.
The mobile clinic program could deliver vaccines and PCR test to:
 Citizen’s living rural communities,
 to those senior citizens who need to get this vaccine but can’t necessarily walk to or drive to a vaccination Centre, and
 to citizens with disabilities who don’t have the possibilities of reaching a vaccination Centre or move away from home